Our Family


Adia is fullAof energy but loves to cuddle.  She loves sleeping at my feet every night.  She loves people, kids, and other dogs.  She is an F1 Pomsky.  Adia weighs 30 lbs and is 17" tall. 


Harry is an  beautiful boy.  Very laid back but still loves to play.  He is very lovable and loves people, kids, and other dogs.  He is an F2 Pomsky.  Harry weighs 20 lbs but looks like a bigger dog because of his coat.  He is 16" tall.

Mia Jai

Write something about this Meet our new baby girl.  She is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  She is very playful and is fitting in very well with Adia and Harry.  f your team to introduce them to your visitors.