What We Do

AdiaHarry and Mia  are Embark tested, click their name to see their results. 

We raise our Pomsky's in our home where they are surrounded by love.

They have plenty of room to play and run.  

They see the vet for their health check to ensure they are healthy.

We ensure all our dogs are healthy and up to date on their shots. 

They are microchipped.

They are socialized with various people, kids, and other dogs.

We start their potty training.

They do come pre spoiled.

We start training them to sit.

All our puppies come with a puppy pack to help them adjust to their new homes. 

What is a Pomsky

A Pomsky is a designer dog that is a mix between a Husky and a Pomerian.  The Pomsky takes on traits from both parents. For additional information read more.  

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Is a Pomsky Right for You?

A Pomsky is energetic and needs plenty of exercise.  They shed and need to be groomed.  They are very smart and easy to train.  For more information please read more. 

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Pomsky Generations